Keeping families together, protecting people from violence, and standing up to injustice

We believe access to justice shouldn’t depend on where you are born or how much money you have.


Know Your Rights

Stay Safe and Informed

It is important to be aware of your rights before an interaction with law enforcement officers or other government officials. We’ve complied several helpful resources for community members.

News Updates

Asylum Seekers Held in Federal Detention

Important updates and Frequently Asked Questions regarding the asylum seekers being held at the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac.

Why the butterfly?

As one of the greatest migrants on the planet, the butterfly is an international symbol for immigration. Its miraculous journey spans generations and provides a wellspring of hope for those who find themselves far from home in search of opportunity. Starting life as a caterpillar, the butterfly is also a symbol for transformation, an icon for those who seek to change their lives and the lives of those around them.

Our Vision & Mission Statement

These symbolic meanings align with our vision and mission statement. Northwest Immigrant Rights Project strives for justice and equity for all persons, regardless of where they were born. We promote justice by defending and advancing the rights of immigrants through direct legal services, systemic advocacy, and community education.

Meet Lawan

A Second Chance in America

After being promised a better life in the United States by a man who offered to marry her, Lawan found herself forced into involuntary domestic servitute, a victim of abuse, and unable to find help until a member of her church connected her with NWIRP.

DACA Renewal Aid

Free Informational Clinic

We are hosting free DACA renewal clinics for eligible community members in Seattle (1-855-313-7326), Wenatchee (509-570-0054), and Granger (1-888-756-3641). Let us help you safely and openly understand what's changing with DACA, and what's staying the same.

Our Impact

NWIRP's legal services are critical to helping thousands of immigrants in Washington State navigate the complexities of the United States immigration system so they can apply for asylum or other forms of immigration protection. Without appropriate legal assistance, the men, women and children served by NWIRP may be less likely to obtain legal immigration status, and more likely to be returned to a country where they face ill treatment, torture, or even death.

By the Numbers

  • Every year, we serve more than 10,000 individuals from over 130 countries.
  • We have over 70 staff members working in our four offices across the state, and continue to grow.
  • More than 350 volunteer attorneys donate over 11,000 hours to NWIRP cases annually, making our pro bono program the second largest in the state.
  • We have an annual budget of 6.5 million dollars which includes revenue from individual donors, government grants, and private foundations.
NWIRP Offices in WA

We have offices in Seattle, Tacoma, Wenatchee, and Granger

What’s Next After TPS

Free Workshop

This FREE community event is for people who have been granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) but want to learn about their options after TPS ends.

Saturday, June 16th at 2pm, Rainier Community Center
4600 38th Avenue S, Seattle, WA 98118

New Hotline

Immigration Aid Line for King County

King County residents or those who work in Seattle who are in need of legal services for their immigration case can call 206-816-3870 to find out if they qualify.

What You Can Do To Help

We regularly get asked by people who support NWIRP's mission and values, "I'm not a lawyer, but what can I do to help?" There are four simple and meaninful actions that you can take to make sure that immigration rights remains in the forefront of the news as one of today's most important human rights issues.

Speak Out

The more people who see that you care, the more allies there will be for immigrants in our community! Please consider sharing a link on your social media accounts.

Attend a Workshop

NWIRP gives a public workshop called 'Immigration 101,' for allies looking to know more about how they can help immigrants in their community.

Make a Donation

Financial contributions are the best way to make sure NWIRP can continue helping immigrants in our area. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated!

E-mail Your Representatives

Letting your representatives know you support NWIRP and its mission can help guide their decisions when it comes to immigration issues.